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- After Renovation, the building and exhibits of the Aquarium tripled in size!

-It currently has the largest ocean tank in the state of North Carolina

-Most gallery's contain replicas of shipwrecks in North Carolina photograph by divers to give an up to date look. Example includes Queen Ann's Revenge


North Carolina Aquarium @ Pine Knoll Shores


The North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores was recently renovated and re-opened in May of 2006. Electronic Sound provided the background music system and general PA System in the Facility. Working closely with the Aquarium Personal, the building was zoned for each demographical location to provide music to set the atmosphere in the gallery the public was currently viewing.

Click on a Image below to view a larger size.

Front of Building During Construction

Ceiling Speaker Mounted in Drop Tile Ceiling

Outside Weather Proof Speaker

Main Breeze Way

Spade Fish Sculpture

Ceiling Speaker in Personal Area

Main Stairway Entrance Weather Proof Speaker

Main Breeze Way

Background Music / PA Rack located in Gift Shop Storage Room

Microphone Outlet in General Public Gallery

Ceiling Speaker in General Public Area Painted to Match Surroundings

Background Music / PA Rack Located in the Waterfall Storage Room

Behind Rack

Ceiling Speaker Mounted Above Painted to Match Surroundings

Front of Building Completed

Second Level Above Ocean Tank

Shark Swimming in Ocean Tank