CH1000 Main Cabinet

CH1000 Features

Ch1000 CCTV

SS16 Station Card

CR16 Camera Routing

CS100 Call Station

HS100 Call Station

TC1 Telephone Card

DA1 Admin Telephone

All Specs Combine

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AdvantiCall Diagram

Sample Tones

All-Call Page

Intercom Preannounce

Bell Tone

Door Bell

 Ex. Installation

Graham Middle School




Electronic Sound is proud to introduce its new Intercom System, AdvantiCall!

AdvantiCall offers a complete intercommunications system specifically designed to provide a total and reliable 24-hour, 365-days-a-year Secure Communications and Commercial Sound system for use in Educational, Healthcare, Retail, Institutional and other campus wide environments!


System Offers:
  • Two way intercom voice communications
  • All-Paging for general Announcements
  • Scan Monitoring of secure areas
  • Elevator Communications
  • Zone Paging
  • Background Music
  • Staff-to-Staff Communications
  • Master Clock Control
  • Event driven Tones and Messages
  • Custom tones and Messages
  • Programmable locally of Remotely
  • Event driven CCTV control
  • Area of Rescue Assistance
  • Emergency Paging
  • Door Bell Function



System components are all designed with modular connectors for easy installation and future expansion. The unique distributed architecture dramatically reduces cabling by over 80% and allows simple an cost effective system expansion or retrofitting into an existing facility. Cabling is simplified with the use of industry standard CAT-5 cable and RJ-45 connectors!



Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Integration

Taking security integration to a new level, AdvantiCall seamlessly integrates static cameras onto the same system infrastructure and provides sequential or event-driven camera control without altering or affecting the recorded images!

Easy to Use Management Software! Using the XML based user and installation software, system can be configured via step-by-step wizard. As a user of the system, call station names, schedule events, program sources, tones, and Master clock can be easily changed from any computer with appropriate facility LAN access!


  • Advance Audio Processing
  • 1 - 8 PBX Access Ports
  • Display Administrative Console with 8 Line 20 Character Display
  • Security Alarms
  • 1 to 2  Audio Channels
  • 16 thru 256 Audio / I/O Ports
  • 6 Relay Controlled Input Ports
  • 6 Relay Controlled Output Ports
  • Passive Infrared Sensors
  • Door / Window Contacts
  • PC Configuration
  • Ethernet Port
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Cat-5 Cabling
  • Reduce Cable Installation
  • Wall /  Rack Mount Cabinetry
  • 2 Music / Program Inputs
  • GPS Corrected Master Clock
  • Supports Wave File Formats


AdvantiCall can also be easily integrated into existing alarm and emergency call systems!